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Is there a better oil for cooking/frying with and a different one better for using raw on salads etc?

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John Douillard says

Hi Esther, the best cooking oils are ghee/butter or coconut. I very high quality fresh olive oil can be OK up to about 400 degrees. Be well.


Colleen says

I’m desperately trying to lose weight and told too eat low fat cheese yoghurts butter margarines milk all but then they’re loaded with sugar what do I do can’t win Also I use xytol instead of sugar but it all adds up to loads of calories I’m sick of all this diet advice


LifeSpa Staff says

Hi Colleen, thanks for reaching out. You may be interested in our 3 season diet challenge. It’s not a diet per say. It’s a way of living in balance with the seasons, how to and when to eat what during certain times of the year – as nature intended. The idea is to get the body back in balance with nature’s rhythms, and in so doing alleviate cravings etc. It’s completely free, though if you’d like the book Dr. John wrote on the topic that’s available in our store. Here’s the link for the free challenge (loaded with grocery lists and ways to incorporate seasonal eating): While in Spring, it’s suggested to eat a low fat diet consisting of mostly vegetables, grains, legumes, esp leafy greens. Moderate to little animal products if any.


whisperingsage says

Weston Price wrote Nutrition and Physical Degeneration covering his worldwide study spanning 9 years in the 1930’s on the healthiest peoples all over the world. They never went on a low fat diet. His book is available free online, it is foundational stuff

Andrew Long says

Thank you for your post and for your passion about health and nutrition. You indicate that safflower and sunflower oils are full of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids. This is only partly correct. There are two kinds of safflower and sunflower oils, linoleic and oleic. The linoleic varieties are high in polyunsaturated fatty acids, as you said. However, the high-oleic varieties have 75-85% oleic acid, much higher than olive oil. Why not distinguish between the two types? The oleic types of oils are very stable and stand up to heat very well. This is the same reason avocado oil is a good cooking oil.


Jan McLellan says

Figure 1.

Phospholipid macroscopic diffusion in the cell membrane is slowed by a factor of 20 from that in LUV membranes. (A) Two representative trajectories of single Cy3–DOPE molecules on the NRK cell surface recorded at the video rate (30 frames/s) for a period of 5 s (150 frames). Their diffusion rates, (3-s time window), were 0.48 and 0.32 μm/s (trajectories on the left and right, respectively). Movement of single molecules of Cy3–DOPE in LUV could not be imaged at the video rate because their diffusion is very fast. However, movement of DOPE molecules could be imaged when they were tagged with colloidal gold particles and the time resolution was enhanced to 25 μs ( Nike Mens Free Run Flyknit 2018 Running Sneakers from Finish Line RGd8e
B; Table I ). The diffusion rate of Cy3–DOPE in the NRK cell membrane was smaller by a factor of ∼20 than that of gold-tagged DOPE in LUV bilayers ( Table I ). (B) Histograms showing the distributions of the diffusion coefficients of DOPE in the NRK cell membrane. The arrowheads indicate the mean values. Shaded bars, (3-s time window) obtained by Cy3–DOPE at the video rate; open bars, (100-μs time window) obtained by gold-tagged DOPE at a 25-μs resolution ( Fig. 2 ).

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Video 1.

Showsthe movementof single Cy3-DOPE moleculesanda gold-taggedDOPE molecule onthe NRK cell surface recordedatthe video rate.Arrowheadsinthe firstsequence indicate some of the DOPE molecules(with itsfluorescence signal lasting longer thanthe average).Fluorescentspotsare photobleachedinsingle steps, indicating thatthese representsingle Cy3-DOPE molecules.

View this table:
Table I.

Parameters that characterize hop diffusion of DOPE at 25- μ s and 2-ms time resolutions

Because achieving higher time resolutions in single fluorophore observations is difficult due to the problem of low signal-to-noise ratios, we employed a single particle tracking (SPT) technique of binding a 40-nm-diameter (ϕ) colloidal gold particle to a DOPE molecule in the cell membrane (Video 1). SPT provides higher signal intensities that allow high-speed observations, whereas single fluorophore video imaging of Cy3–DOPE has the advantage that a single fluorescent spot represents a single molecule. The movement of DOPE–gold complexes was examined by contrast-enhanced optical microscopy at 37°C recorded by a high-speed video camera with a temporal resolution of 25 μs (a spatial precision of 17 nm at this recording rate). Labeling conditions were optimized by adjusting the concentration of fluorescein–DOPE incubated with the cells and the amount of Fab fragments conjugated with the gold particles, so that the effect of cross-linking by gold particles was minimized while sufficient specificity in binding of the gold particles was maintained.

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IEEE Internet Initiative
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by Helen Anne Hicks (North Park University), Rajesh Nighot (IEEE), Nagender Aneja (Universiti Brunei Darussalam), Mohammed Aledhari (Western Michigan University), Ali Kashif Bashir (Senior Member, IEEE) and Jared Bielby (IEEE)

IEEE Internet Initiative eNewsletter, November 2016

Although the Internet was considered a luxury commodity a mere decade ago, it can now be considered one of the most essential of public utilities along with water, electricity and natural gas. Electricity was considered a luxury commodity in the early 19 th century and quickly became a public utility in the 20 th century. The Internet has done the same recently. Electricity has mechanized the world and helped reduce poverty, while Internet access can facilitate easier management of other public utilities and promote clean governance on a wider scale. For those with access, and those without, the Internet has become a necessary part of daily life.

The World Economic Forum, 2016 posited that access to the Internet is an invaluable tool, yet four billion people worldwide remain unconnected. While citizens of developed countries have a tendency to take inexpensive and reliable Internet access for granted, most of the world struggles to secure the same privilege. In both developing and developed countries, there are those who live without access to the Internet.

Research has documented that the Internet has a positive impact “in areas such as health, education, basic financial services and agriculture”, World Economic Forum, 2016 . The various benefits to having universal and reliable access to the knowledge that the Internet provides have also been well documented. As the Internet becomes a necessary part of daily life, those responsible for the technological functioning of the Internet as well as for the ever increasing policy surrounding Internet governance, have stepped up to address the gap in universal access, including industry standards leader IEEE.

IEEE Board of Directors recently approved IEEE’s first position statement on universal access and endorsed its goal to expand access to the billions of people in both developed and developing countries around the world that do not currently have Internet access. Within the framework of the Jonak Classic heels schwarz PUeCc5C
working group, and under the umbrella of IEEE’s Collabratec Internet Technology Policy Community coordinated by IEEE Consultant Jared Bielby, more than a dozen experts worldwide have mobilized under the leadership of writer/researcher and IEEE Senior Member Prasad Mantri to identify and address the main options and challenges for universal access. The group has identified six necessary challenges for addressing global equitable Internet access, the first three of which are presented below.

Taiki Suzuki et al. 2018 ApJS 237 3

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The different spatial distributions of N-bearing and O-bearing species, as are well known toward OrionKL, is a longstanding mystery. We conducted a survey observation and chemical modeling study to investigate if the different distributions of O- and N-bearing species are widely recognized in general star-forming regions. First, we report our observational results of complex organic molecules (COMs) with the 45m radio telescope at the Nobeyama Radio Observatory toward eight star-forming regions. Through our spectral survey ranging from 80 to 108GHz, we detected CH OH, HCOOCH , CH OCH , (CH ) CO, CH CHO, CH CH CN, CH CHCN, and NH CHO. Their molecular abundances were derived via the rotation diagram and the least squares methods. We found that N-bearing molecules tend to show stronger correlations with other N-bearing molecules rather than O-bearing molecules. While G10.47+0.03 showed high fractional abundances of N-bearing species, those in NGC 6334F were not so rich, being less than 0.01 compared to CH OH. Then the molecular abundances toward these sources were evaluated by chemical modeling with the NAUTILUS three-phase gas-grain chemical code. Based on the simulations of time evolution for the abundance of COMs, we suggest that the observed correlations of fractional abundances between COMs can be explained by a combination of different temperature structures inside the hot cores and the different evolutionary phases. Since our modeling could not fully explain the observed excitation temperatures, it is important to investigate the efficiency of grain surface reactions and their activation barriers and the binding energy of COMs to further promote our understanding. References

K. J. Li et al. 2018 ApJS 237 7

View abstract View article PDF Victoria Shoes BASKET LONA PLATAFORMA Trainers violeta kBMobqdBM

Solar chromosphere and coronal heating are big questions for astrophysics. Daily measurement of 985 solar spectral irradiances (SSIs) at the spectral intervals 1–39 nm and 116–2416 nm during 2003 March 1 to 2017 October 28 are utilized to investigate phase relation with respect to daily sunspot number, the Mount Wilson sunspot Index, and the Magnetic Plage Strength Index. All the SSIs form in the abnormally heated layer; the upper photosphere, chromosphere, transition region, and corona are found to be significantly more correlated to weak magnetic activity than to strong magnetic activity, and are found to dance in step with weak magnetic activity. All the SSIs that form in the low photosphere, which indicate the “energy” leaked from the solar subsurface, are found to be more related to strong magnetic activity instead and in anti-phase with weak magnetic activity. In the upper photosphere and chromosphere, strong magnetic activity should lead SSI by about a solar rotation, which also implies that weak magnetic activity should take effect from heating there. It is thus small-scale weak magnetic activity that effectively heats the upper solar atmosphere. References

F. Bacchini et al. 2018 ApJS 237 6

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